Site Renewal

full size img has finally renewed the web site after 10 years. We have been working with many clients and each of them has been very important for us. We truly appreciate for your support.

Now, we would like to delivery our message more directly with our new web site. To make our clients more successful, we are rechecking what we are capable. Designing is of course our strength but not only in web but also many other fields we can now cover.

Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to working with you soon.



This house studio is located along KOMAZAWA street in Meguro-ku.
White walls and mortar floor generate an industrial atmosphere. The sunlight comes in trough a big front windows and you can shoot photos of many different style. The 1st floor or 2nd floor can be used separately. The use for exhibition or event is also welcome.

TEL: 81-3-6416-3061 or 81-90-3405-3903
OEPN: 10:00 - 19:00
URL: http://studio.leeres.jp/


Studio Search Open!

full size img has launched "STUDIO SEARCH".

In this search site, photo studio all over Japan are being introduced. This search site is mainly for creators, such as editor, photographer and designer. We designed this site very simply for better usability. Also many photos are being used to understand clearly how those studios look like.

There is a "map search function" which displays a list of studios in map showing. Also there is a image search function. You can search the studio by "taste" or "scene" as if you are searching photos. We're planning to add "favorite function" and "location map function" in the future.
URL: http://studio-search.net/