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How to Use Owned Media

Currently, media can be divided into three types as follows:

Paid Media
Media that can actually be purchased, such as TV, magazines, PPC and etc.

Earned Media
Word of mouth advertisements that spreads naturally, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Owned Media
Branding web sites, catalogues, pamphlets or any other media a corporation owns.

The combination of above three media categories are important to increase your brand awareness. Within the above three types of media, the importance of owned media is increasing due to the fact that it can be customized easily by the company, namely the company can decide the design, content, frequency of renewal and so on, as a result a company has more chance of developing a stronger customer base.

Good Content Has a Great Effect

In order to develop effective owned media, good content is the key. Even if a web site looks very beautiful, is user friendly or many people visit it through a good SEO or PPC, it is not profitable unless the content is attractive. More often than not users return to a web site when they find that the interesting content has been regularly updated therefore, developing good content is paramount to success when launching a web site.