Web marketing

Effective Web Marketing

Depending upon the needs and budget, full size img conducts web marketing by using the three following methods:

1. SEO

We find out the popular keywords in your industry and analyze your competitors. From long tail keywords to buzz keywords, we support various types of demands our clients may have.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are several reasons we recommend PPC. 1. The budget and keyword are adjustable. 2. It is easy to find the data, such as cost per keyword. 3. You can set the region and time depending on who and when you would like to your advertisement to be displayed.

We submit a report every month which shows the most-searched keyword and the number of impressions each day - analyzing and adjusting data and keywords make PPC more effective. In addition, we provide copy writing, banner design and landing pages.

3. SNS

Social network services such as Twitter and Facebook are considered to be valid tools for advertisement nowadays because of its direct communication between the company and clients. A ‘natural promotion effect’ can be expected as a result of word of mouth. full sizes img designs SNS pages and operates the account for you according to an agreed specific guideline.

PDCA Cycle Using Google Analytics

It is extremely important to know traffic analysis such as page views, withdrawal rates, bounce rates etc. However, it is also important to run through a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to make the situation actually better as a result of the analysis. Since we provide a one-stop service, we could save time from planning to analyzing.