Combination of Branding Site and E-commerce

In recent years, many brands have been establishing a branding site and an online store in one site because of the design consistency and as such the usability increases and results in a synergistic effect.

Build an Online Store by EC-CUBE

The system of the online store we provide is based on EC-CUBE which is a Japanese open source e-commerce software. The standard version of EC-CUBE already has the necessary functions to run a very basic online store, however, "plug-ins" could be added to upgrade functionality.

Plug-ins Developed Upon User's Voice

We collected feedback from EC-CUBE users and developed useful functions. The following are just examples. We could develop your own functions upon request.

Front End
Credit card payment / 2-click payment / regular purchase / advance order /time sale / recommend item / top sales ranking / gift-wrapping / SEO / OGP, etc.

Back End
Billing number record / Point expiration / Purchase restriction / Repeater icon / Step mail / Shipping charge setting / Double wholesale price, etc.