2014.12.10 English training






English has become the international business language and so it has become more important than ever to be able to communicate in English. As a web designer, you work and skills can appreciated globally by a wide range of end users, fellow designers and top talent so being able to communicate your ideas and opinions in English is essential. Japan has become the global centre of attention for design and creativity so many Japanese artists are now trying to improve their English ability to communicate Japan’s artistic message to the world - you can be part of that voice.

At full size image, we aim to provide you with a relaxed, fun and informal lesson to make English language learning a natural and enjoyable process. We focus on spoken communication with listening, reading and writing as supporting elements. The key point in every class is to be able to feel comfortable with speaking in English with other employees and a native speaker so that you will feel more at ease communicating with international clients in the future. The emphasis is on fun without being put under pressure.

Learning English at full size image will be a great way to open up your ideas to the world. Through regular attendance, you can feel more and more comfortable using English on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you have only a little experience speaking English or would just like to maintain your ability, we aim to provide the most unique and relaxing learning experience for you. Let’s enjoy studying English together and help you to achieve your dreams.

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